New catalogue available in languages The new catalogue, now available in english and french, stands out for its special design and technical nature
The new catalog was launched in spanish in the month of May and its reception is being very good in the market. The new catalog stands out for its special design and technical nature, which makes it a very practical tool at the level of technical consultation.

It incorporates a first introductory section that allows you to connect with the reader through information related to the company, and where Burdinola's ability to develop comprehensive laboratory projects is highlighted, thus making it easier for scientists -the main protagonists- to develop their work.

Under the phrase, "Thank you, science" Burdinola enhances science and consolidates its experience in the creation of advanced scientific spaces, developed to adapt to the most demanding projects.

From now on, customers can request the new catalog also available in English and French, through the website in the contact section and filling out the corresponding form.

Galerie Photos Catalogue. Thanks, science

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