The Lendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, visits Burdinola to finish the commemorative events of the 40th anniversary of Burdinola Before proceeding to visit the facilities, a meeting was held, where the project and the future challenges of Burdinola have been presented. After the meeting, the production facilities and the Showroom were visited. After the visit, the attendees have accessed the Principal Room, where the interventions have taken place In his speech, the Lendakari has stressed that the keys to ensure growth and continue to create quality employment in Basque Country are investment, innovation and internationalization.

In this context and referring to the company Burdinola, the Lendakari has emphasized that the company is a comprehensive and international organization, close to the needs of the client and always open to continuous improvement. In this sense, the Lendakari has indicated that the international commitment of the company has intensified in recent years. "You are a reference for a country that works for openness abroad and internationalization," he added.

Likewise, the Lendakari has embraced the philosophy of the Burdinola company: "We carry out the safest and most efficient laboratory projects in the world, in which researchers enjoy improving society"; and has pointed out that, on the basis of this ideology, the company has managed to become a recognized brand in the market and its service is associated with the security of its facilities and high specialization. Among its hallmarks, the Lendakari has mentioned professional spirit, teamwork, quality, innovation, demand and evolution.

In addition, the Lendakari has highlighted that Burdinola occupies leading positions in the pharmaceutical, hospital, chemical, nutritional and educational sectors. "You enjoy great international recognition," he added.

For his part, Mikel Martínez, CEO of Burdinola, has shared data for 2017, which were obtained Benefits, 2018 with an increase in sales of 12% and 2019 with a growth forecast of 30%, since the last months have been of historical record of picking up orders, especially in the private sector, which make consolidate the fantastic financial situation of the company with a very positive working balance.

In this way and with this act, is go to end the different acts that have been during 2018. Apart from todays, it also underscores the visit in October of the English biochemist and Nobel Prize Sir Paul Maxim Nurse.

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